Student Voting Caused Anti-Semitism Scandal In UK University

3 years ago



In 2019, more than 200 students from Essex University voted against forming a new Jewish society. It caused an anti-semitism scandal and raised old fears. In this post, the Typical Student team will provide you with more details.







To make a long story short, 200+ Essex University students voted against forming another Jewish society in college. After this, The National Union of Jewish Students said that the results of the voting are shocking. There were many unpleasant comments and some students even said they are against society because they don’t want to "explore zionism" and celebrate the Israeli national day.






On average, 600+ people voted on the ratification of the society in which is 64%. Besides, there were some anti-semitic materials published from a lecturer's Facebook account.


“We are deeply disappointed by the significant proportion of students who have voted against the establishment of a Jewish society at the University of Essex. Jewish societies, of which over 60 exist on UK campuses up and down the country, provide a space for Jewish students to celebrate their culture and identity. The fact that some students at the University of Essex deem it fit to vote against that is quite simply shocking,” UJS spokesman said.



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