UK Students Accused Of Stalking And Domestic Violence Don't Get Expelled From University

3 years ago



Shocking statistic on stalking and domestic abuse has just been revealed by Broadly. According to their numbers, about “51% of students accused of stalking or domestic abuse were allowed to continue studying at the same university with their victims. The Typical Student team learned the details. 

  • UK universities reported 381 cases of stalking and domestic violence between 2015 and 2018.
  • About 50% of cases happened at universities that belong to Russell Group. 
  • As told by The Tab, in 40 of the 175 reports, the accused students were allowed to stay at uni.


UK Universities With Highest Number Of Abuse Reports

According to The Tab, Cardiff University had the highest number of stalking and domestic violence reports. 115 cases had been received between 2015 - 2018. In 2017, Cardiff University created an anonymous system for students to report cases of stalking or abuse. 



Edge Hill University has the second highest number of reports (30 cases). Two of the students accused of violence and abuse didn’t return to uni. At that, the other 28 abusers continued their education as usual. 


Alternative Punishments For Alleged Perpetrators


Other UK universities punished the alleged perpetrators in different ways:

  • The University of Sheffield fined three students £200.
  • The Hull University students received two written cautions and one Acceptable Behaviour Contract.
  • The University of Glasgow expelled one student, while another case is still ongoing.



Credit: Illustration by Owain Anderson

Sadly enough, only 13% of UK universities have specific policies on domestic abuse or stalking. 


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