UK Student’s Breasts Were Immortalized With Sexist Row!

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The owner of theology degree and a pair of breasts sparked sexism debate. It happened after one of the most popular contests for UK higher education students - University Challenge. Don’t you think the Typical Student team can stay away from the case?


Although University Challenge was made to refine students’ development and highlight the achievements, this time, the contest was focused on the other point. 29-year-old Katherine Perry, Oxford team captain, was sexualized online during the US and long after. It took place during the 2nd round of competition. The guest of honor was Katherine’s low-cut dress.


How Did Twitterverse React?


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As always, Twitterverse reacted immediately. Tabloid journalists didn’t stay aside as well. Monday night, there were more and more eye-popping GIFs and images appearing. Now Katherine is facing a real sexism row but she stays strong and urges netizents to respect female brains.


10 Facts About Katherine Perry Every Feminist Student Should Check Out

 Let’s leave Perry’s breasts alone to focus on her real accomplishments! Who is this young woman? Take a look at these 10 quick facts.

  • Katherine leads the Pembroke, Oxford team.
  • The battle was with Downing, Cambridge.
  • She was the only woman on the team.
  • Katherine is from Birmingham, UK.
  • She has a degree in theology, earned at Oxford.
  • Ms. Perry also completed masters at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.
  • Finally, she returned to Pembroke College, Oxford and started studying for a PhD.
  • Katherine Perry has been lectured on cognitive linguistics, New Testament Geek, and demonology.
  • Also, it was not the first time University Challenge faced gender inequality. Last year, only 5% of finalists were female and just 22% of all the contestants were women.
  • Officially, University says that lots of girls simply don’t want to be a part of TV quiz. The reason is regular social media trolls’ attacks.

How Did The Battle End?


Perry’s team was booted out of the competition. It lost Mon’s round and the game to Downing.

Points: 230 to 75. Still, Katherine’s chest was immortalized on the internet and Typical Student team wishes the same success to her studying progress.

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