Did You Know: UK Students Sign £100,000 NDA to Be University Secret Society Members

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Tales of university secret societies have always caught student imagination. Unable to tell the lies from the truth, people would always believe the unbelievable. But what are the private university formations really like? Are secret societies more than just elite clubs? Here’s the scoop from the St Andrews brought to you by the Tab.


In case you didn’t know, the University of St Andrews has a history of being one of the most secretive UK universities. The oldest of the 4 ancient Scotland universities and the 3rd oldest university in the English-speaking world, it is constantly ranked among the best across the UK. No wonder, the students prefer exclusivity in the way they socialize. So, forming secret university societies has become a tradition.


What Is Known About St Andrews Secret Societies?


FYI, the newly-accepted members of the Kate Kennedy Club and Lumsden Club have to sign a £100,000 non-disclosure agreement to prevent any information leaks? Too extravagant? Well, let’s find out a bit more about the private clubs of St Andrews.

  • The Praetorian Club

Rumor has it, the members of the Praetorian Club, or PC for short, must come from UK public schools and are prohibited to enter any other clubs. According to the club’s Constitution, members are required to be part of a private members' club in London. The NDA signed at the moment of entry has a waiver cost of £100,000. Also, the PC has official club ties, which can be worn only in London, but not around St Andrews.

  • The Strafford Club

Unlike the PC, the Stafford Club doesn’t have any restrictions as to wearing the red and black bow ties in public. It is alleged that the club members favour the monarchies in Britain and worldwide. They reportedly meet at a restaurant in St Andrews, named Maisha and throw a drunken revelry smashing dishes and glasses.

  • XXI

XXI is another secret society, reportedly a spin off Rugby Club, which can be distinguished owing to their yellow and blue bow ties. Each year, the club issues a newsletter that can be easily discovered online. There’s an extract from the 2014 issue, quoting a member who  "proclaims himself as a fresher, yet he has managed to land himself accommodation with four 8/10 blondes, he is also not a homosexual, remarkable really."



  • The Kensington Club

The Kensington Club seems to be one of the most pretentious secret societies, claiming to have a 300-year history. However, the sources suggest it was established around 70s, almost at the same time with the Piers Gaveston Society at Oxford. The club claims to enlist the "men of endless virility" among its members. In the online photos, the members are seen wearing red, green and white ties. Their summer event called "The Secret Garden Party" cost £45 on invitation. The tickets under the "corporate" option sell for £300 each.

  • The Kate Kennedy Club

The Kate Kennedy Club is considered one of the most exclusive societies of St Andrews. They are extremely serious about the members acceptance, interviewing their potential members using special flash cards. Rumor has it, one of the members got so upset after losing a game of Odds-On he threw a £600 watch into a river.

  • The Kennel Club

The Kennel Club is not as elitist as the other secret societies, allegedly being "desperate" for members. Also, it doesn't have any interview process, compared to other elite clubs. The members of the Kennel Club are looked down upon by members of other groups, so people shout "woof woof" when they see the club bow ties.

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