UK Students Will Be Offered Fast-Track Two-Year Degrees to Cut Education Expenses

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Great news for UK students! According to the Independent, accelerated two-year degree courses that are supposed to cut tuition fees by 20% will soon be offered to students in England. That’s in case the government proposals are approved. The Typical Student team learned the details. Of course, most UK students would like to take a shot at getting through with their education in a couple of years. However, UK universities will be allowed to increase their annual rates for the newly-offered condensed courses. Still, the overall price will still be lower compared to traditional degrees. The announcement came in a statement from the universities minister Sam Gyimah this past Sunday. 

Condensed Two-Year Degree: Key Facts


As told by the Independent, these condensed courses “would have the same number of teaching hours but crammed into two extended 45-week years.” The annual fees will be raised above the legal cap of £9,250, but a parliamentary approval is needed first. Sam Gyimah said that centres would charge about £11,000 a year for the fast-track learning, which would mean students coughing up roughly £5,750 less for the full course, which is £27,750 for three years. The ministers believe 5% of all students are to be taking the shorter courses within the next decade. 

What Are the Downsides of Condensed Degrees?


This isn’t the first time an initiative like this is to be implemented. UK universities tried to do a similar educational experiment about 40 years ago. However, there was a warning that many educational centres would find it difficult to adapt. Also, there was “an educational risk that fast track programmes will make it harder for students to combine study with periods of reflection, critical thinking and a ‘deep approach’ to learning”.

We’ll follow this story as it unfolds. 


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