UK Teacher Only Gets A 'C' in Mock GCSE Exam, Announces His Results On Live TV

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With so much fuss over the new 9-1 GCSE grading scheme, not only students but teachers are trying to pass the exam. Mr Riley, the Head of Year 11, from Furness Academy in Cumbria made an attempt to take the GCSE test just for fun. The Typical Student team learned all the details.


Year 11 Teacher Announces His GCSE Results



Credit: ITV/GMB


Mr Riley decided to take a test in solidarity with his students and publicly announce his exam results on Good Morning Britain in front of the entire nation. When the results arrived, Mr Riley opened the envelope jokingly saying: "Drumroll, yeah? No pressure". Finally, he announced with pride: "I got a grade 5." Under the old system, 5 equals a C grade. Not  very impressive for a teacher, but Mr Riley could get into the sixth form college of his choice if he were a student.  


GCSE Results Scrutinized All Over UK


Credit: ITV/GMB


As the GCSE results arrive, the new grading scheme has been scrutinized nationwide. As told by Ladbible, only the 732 lucky students managed to score all 9s. Still, despite all the claims about the difficulty of exam, the amount of students who got a passing grade has increased by 0.5% to 66.9%.


With 90% of English kids who undertook the new GCSE exams and contributed to the increase in passing grades made the test look better in the eyes of teachers.


The Schools Standards Minister Nick Gibb commented on the outcome of the exam campaign as follows: "Whatever [students] choose to do next - staying at school, going to college, or starting an apprenticeship - these qualifications will give them a solid base of knowledge and skills that they can build on.” Overall, the results of the GCSE exams have been quite satisfactory with "so many pupils meeting and exceeding the [expected] standards."


See the video of Mr Riley opening the envelope:

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