UK Universities Alarmed No-deal Brexit Will Drastically Hinder EU Student Enrolment

3 years ago



EU student enrolment sector in the UK is in jeopardy due to the no-deal Brexit, as told by the Guardian. The Russell Group of universities data has revealed a decrease in the postgraduate research student enrolment from EU. The Typical Student team decided to look into the problem.


The Russell Group of universities research has revealed a 9% decrease in the number of EU postgraduate research students that enrolled in UK universities this academic year. In the previous year, there has also been a 9% decline having "potential consequences for Britain’s research capacity."


Student Numbers Decrease: Facts & Figures





  • In the 2018-19 academic year, the number of EU students enrolled at Russell Group universities decreased by 3%.
  • In 2017, after healthy growth in recruitment the overall number of EU students fell by 1%.
  • EU27 citizens enrolment at undergraduate level increased by 1% this year, at taught postgraduate level fell by 5%.


The Open Letter From UK Educators




In the open letter from leaders of 150 universities to MPs, the figures demonstrate the impact a no-deal Brexit could have on "academic, cultural, and scientific setback from which it would take decades to recover."


The open letter reads as follows: "University leaders are united in the view that the UK leaving the EU without a deal is one of the biggest threats our universities have ever faced. As a sector which contributes over £2bn to UK GDP every year and supports 944,000 jobs, it is critical to the national interest, to the economy, communities and wider society, that the UK’s universities thrive post-Brexit."

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