UK Universities Getting Record Number of Applications From China and Hong Kong Students

3 years ago



The number of students from China and Hong Kong applying for UK universities, is "overtaking the number of applicants from Wales," according to Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (Ucas) data. The Typical Student team learned more about the application boost.


How Many Chinese and Hong Kong Students Are Applying for UK Universities?




Ucas’s figures published in January have show a 1% decline in UK applicants, but a 9% increase from international candidates. In other words, for the first time in three years, the overall applications number increased drastically.  The boost in the number of applications from China and Hong Kong  is especially visible: it increased from over 17,000 last year to 21,000 this year.

At that, only 18,850 applications came from Wales! If those trends are permanent, there'll be more undergraduates from China studying in the UK than from Wales.

UK universities are extremely popular among China and Hong King students: last year there were over 100,000 Chinese and Hong Kongese postgrads out of about 350,000 full-time postgrads.


UK Universities: Top World Class Education Destinations



As told by the Guardian, Universities UK has launched "a national campaign asking the government to keep funding study abroad opportunities for British students if the UK cannot remain a member of the pan-European Erasmus student programme after Brexit." The reason for the campaign is a widespread concern that the Brexit crisis would undermine applications from within the EU and outside Europe.

Chris Skidmore, the universities minister for England, commented on the satisfactory enrolment numbers as follows: "It is very welcome news that students from the EU and China continue to see UK universities as top world class destinations." 

It is reported that British universities have redoubled their recruitment efforts overseas. Meanwhile, European applicants might be getting their last chance to "access lower tuition fees and student loans before Britain exits the EU." As for the international students from outside the EU, they pay significantly higher fees and aren't eligible for the UK government loans.


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