UK Universities Handed Out Over £3.5M In Library Fines Last Academic Year

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According to SaveTheStudent portal, UK students have faced £534,000 in fines over three years. These fines served as punishments for minor misdemeanors, excluding library or admin fines. During three consecutive academic years, (2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18), over 18K fines have been handed out. Unbelievably, UK Universities handed out over £3.5M in library fines only in the last academic year. At that, two UK universities charged over £100,000. At that individual fines amount reached £1,300. The Typical Student team learned the details.

What Are The Typical Reasons For Student Fines?


So, why are students getting fined? The most common reasons are "speaking in the library, setting off fire alarms ("careless" cooking, holding unauthorised parties are the main reasons). As the average amount of student debt equals £50,000, most universities have refused to reveal the amount of student fines.


The Independent has made a Freedom of Information request to obtain the figures from 136 universities around the UK. 30 unis refused to provide the fines breakdown. Surprisingly enough, the FOI has shown that 19 universities never fined students, while others issued hundreds of fines annually.

Which UK Universities Have The Highest Number Of Fines?




Among the UK universities, here are the institutions with the highest fine numbers over three years:

  • The University of Nottingham handed out 1,758 fines
  • The University of Essex handed out 1,380 fines.
  • The Universities of Surrey, Newcastle and Southampton made up the remainder of the top five in terms of number of fines issued.

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