21 UNBELIEVABLY Beautiful Chalkboard Designs Done by Students and Teachers

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word "chalkboard"? Studying? Boredom? Suffering? College? Indeed, most of the students are used to seeing various diagrams or formulas on classroom blackboards. Sometimes chalkboards can become canvases for true masterpieces. As a matter of fact, a lot of students and even teachers create real pieces of art on classroom chalkboards! Students, however, differentiate and use textbooks to reveal their artistic abilities. By the way, there are 12 Examples of Textbook Art Drawn by EXTREMELY Bored Students you ABSOLUTELY have to see.

So, have you ever tried to draw something cool on the blackboard? If yes, just check out these chalkboard masterpieces done by other students in order to get some inspiration for your further drawings. If no, then have a look at these stunning chalkboard designs in order to get inspired for starting making chalkboard drawings. Whatever your answer is, the Typical Student team has put together a list of 22 chalkboard masterpieces done by teachers and students. 

Chalkboard designs done by students 

#1 Medieval London landscapes and an inspiring J.M. Barrie quote make this chalkboard look really amazing.


#2 A famous Coco Chanel quotation written in this stunning font looks simply beautiful on this chalkboard.


#3 This chalkboard design is really breathtaking as well as Neil Degrasse Tyson’s quote.


#4 The simpler – the better. This extremely important for every student quote written in this flawless handwriting is just amazing.


#5 An extremely inspiring quotation by Steve Jobs designed as emails is indeed incredibly stunning.


#6 A marvelous chalkboard design with a useful cooking advice by Julia Child looks so pretty.


#7 This incredible student chalkboard drawing of the legendary Mark Twain’s quotation is just fantastic.


#8 A fantastic landscape on this chalkboard will, no doubt, make any classroom look sunny.


#9 Watching how this teacher is literally killing this chalkboard masterpiece is actually extremely painful.


#10 This illustration of the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ on the chalkboard is simply unbelievably beautiful.


#11 Another stunning masterpiece on the chalkboard that you can’t stop staring at.


#12 This one is for all the Naruto fans, it’s both simple and beautiful.


#13 The incredible Elsa looks as always amazing on this chalkboard masterpiece.


#14 These gnomes from the  ‘Snow White’ will definitely make every student’s day.


#15 This chalkboard design looks quite lovely.


#16 Another illustration of the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ makes this classroom look marvelous.

chalkboardart-14#17 This classic anime drawing is simply stunning.


Chalkboard designs done  by teachers

#18 This anatomy teacher is just amazing! Look how accurate  and precise his illustrations are!


#19 Another stunning anatomy teacher whose chalkboard drawings are simply fantastic.


#20 And one more anatomy teacher who can draw real textbooks illustrations on the chalkboard. How do they do this?


#21 This teacher from Ghana has to draw Microsoft Windows on the chalkboard board, because there are no computers at the school. Read about Richard Akoto in Harsh Reality of Ghanaian Education: Have You Tried Learning Microsoft Word Without Computer? This story is indeed sad, but this really great teacher does his best to teach his students and his chalkboard drawings are simply stunning.


So, how did you like these AWESOME chalkboard designs? Bet, you'll be inspired to draw an EPIC masterpiece on the chalkboard in your class afterward.

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