UK Uni Misspelled Student’s Name And The Answer Went Viral!

2 years ago



Winter 2018, another student went viral after the University of West London misspelled his name on the university's Twitter. Student’s answer went extremely viral in a couple of hours, so let the Typical Student team tell you more details.


Original Story





Hamza Mahi is a 21 y.o. He is from London and today Hamza is a student at the University of West London, UK. A couple of months ago the student was asked if his picture can be used for promotional reasons.

"So we take the pictures then we talked a bit about what course I do and that's pretty much it," Hamza Mahi said. "He told me he might use our picture for the website and made me sign this paper."


What Happened Next?





Soon Hamza’s friend saw this picture on a uni TV. There was a fake quote but, what’s more important, they noticed the student’s name was spelled wrong. Needless to say, Hamza was annoyed. He commented the post and wanted to call it out.



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