University Of Bristol Spent £300K Less Than Announced On Student Support Services & Wellbeing

2 years ago



The Bristol Tab has just revealed shocking statistic about the University of Bristol, and it’s something to think about. Turns out, UoB spent “over £300K less than the amount promised for the Student Wellbeing Service in 2017-18.” The Typical Student team learned the details.  


Why Wasn’t The Announced Amount Of Money Spent?



Initially, the UoB officials have announced their intention to invest an extra £1M to improve the student support services in September 2017. However, the total amount of funds invested in the Wellbeing Service was about £660K, according to the newspaper. It is suggested by the FOI that the overall budget wasn’t spent as the Wellbeing Service “was not fully staffed by the end of the 2017-18 academic year.


Expenses For The Next Academic Year




The amount of money spent on staff salaries in 2017-18 across the whole Wellbeing Service was £605K, the remaining £55K was invested in the non-salary expenditures. According to the UoB spokesperson,” 22 of the 27 Wellbeing Advisers were recruited in academic year 2017/18 and got straight to work providing proactive support to students and staff. The remaining five posts were recruited over the summer and were ready to start alongside their colleagues for the beginning of the new academic year in September 2018.”


This allegedly explains the inconsistency in the numbers revealed by the FOI. As for the current academic year, the estimated salary spend suggested by the FOI is £1,3M. The non-salary expenditures forecast is £40K showing a palpable decrease compared to the previous academic year.


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