University Of Canberra Library Evacuated Because Of Smelly Exotic Fruit

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An entire Australian university library was evacuated last week because of an exotic fruit. Last Friday afternoon, fire and rescue teams responded to emergency calls in the Australian Capital Territory. As reported by the Guardian, people reported of "a strong smell of gas" inside the University of Canberra library. The Typical Student team learned the details of the incident.

What Happened At the Canberra University Library?

After the reports of a weird smell came in, the library was evacuated. The territory’s emergency services issued an official statement saying the search and "atmospheric monitoring" were conducted in the building. The source of the stench had been discovered within an hour. According to the emergency services department, "firefighters have completed a search of the building and located the source of the smell.”  Afterwards, the library staff revealed the source of the odour an exotic fruit named durian.

Durian: Smelly "King Of Fruits"




The Malaysian durian was discovered by Alfred Russel Wallace, 19th-century British naturalist. The scientist called itthe "king of fruits" for its at once sweet and savoury flavour that "enjoys a cultish popularity in China." However, durian's extremely pungent odour is the reason why the fruit is banned from public places and transport all over Asia.


This Isn't The First Durian Incident In Australia



As for the incident in the library, "the rogue durian was left near an air vent on the library’s second level and eventually removed in a sealed bag." The post on the library's Facebook page reads as follows: "The lingering gas-like smell in the building is completely safe – someone left a durian fruit in one of our bins! Very sneaky."  This is the second time within a little over a year that a durian has caused mass evacuation of a university library in Australia. Last April, the RMIT campus in Melbourne’s CBD experienced a similar incident when some 600 staff and students at had to be evacuated in fear of a gas leak. Turned out, durian was the reason.

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