University of Houston Students Invited to The Ellen Show After VIRAL McDonald's Prank (VIDEO INSIDE)

3 years ago



Students from the University of Houston unexpectedly got invited to The Ellen Show after pulling a viral prank at McDonald’s. Ellen DeGeneres known for being a huge fan of pranks surprised Jehv Maravilla and Christian Toledo with a feature on her show. The Typical Student team learned all the details!


McDonald’s Poster Prank Goes Viral


The University of Houston students pulled a HILARIOUS prank at a Pearland McDonald’s. Two guys made a fake ad poster that featured both of them and hung it on the wall of the fast food facility. After that, guys put up a video documenting the prank on their YouTube channel and it instantly went viral:



The video amassed a little over 1M views in two months, so it drew the attention of The Ellen Show crew.


Invitation to The Ellen Show and McDonald's New Campaign


In the episode featuring the student prankers, DeGeneres challenged them to hang up a piece of her own fan art on another McDonald’s wall, and then shared the prank reveal. 


Turns out, McDonald’s admins have paid attention to the students’ prank and decided to bring more racial diversity to its decor. So, Jehv Maravilla and Christian Toledo will get a feature in the upcoming marketing campaign for McDonald’s and receive a $25,000 from the restaurant each!

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