University of Kentucky Plans to Grow Current Student Enrollment to 6K By 2025

2 years ago



The University of Kentucky has recently announced its plan for the next 5 years which includes increasing the number of students, faculty, classroom space, offices and research. The Typical Student team reports the details of the U of K growth plan.


The new dean Rudolph G. Buchheit who took over the university this past summer, the facility is to recruit 20 new faculty to keep up with a 90% growth in student enrollment over the past 10 years. Currently, the plan is to boost the current student enrollment to 6,000 by 2025.


How Much Will The University of Kentucky Growth Be?



At that, the number of graduates is to double and reach almost 1,000. The University of Kentucky will need to employ 70 new faculty staff in the following 5 years. The planned increase also helps the university with a new state funding model converting science and technology graduates into more bucks for operations.

Mr. Buchheit commented on this as follows: “It’s an attraction for industry to seek to be part of this pipeline. We’re enhancing the quality of engineering, which can enhance the quality of UK and what it can do for Kentucky.” The growth will especially be seen in the science and technology degrees, particularly in engineering.

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