University of Liverpool Students Face Academic Sanctions For Failure To Pay Rent

2 years ago



The University of Liverpool students have faced "academic sanctions" due to having rentdebts. As reported by SaveTheStudent, affected students have been restricted from accessing the library and had their exam results withheld. Sadly, one student has dropped out of university. The Typical Student team learned more about the "academic sanctions".



Which "Academic Sanctions" Do Students Suffer?




According to The Tab Liverpool, in the 2017-18 academic year, 687 students were placed under "academic sanctions" due to their inability to make rent payments. What’s more, the university continues to impose the sanctions this academic year as well as confirmed by the Liverpool Guild of Students. Already, specific students have been contacted and threatened because of the rent instalments that were due on January 10.

Most often, "academic sanctions" deny access to the university's libraries. However, in reality it’s a broad term that can foresee different types of restrictions. In the event with Liverpool m University, students have been forbidden to use university's computers and printers as well as blocked from using the WiFi on campus and in halls. It is alleged that those who didn't pay their rent "had their exam results withheld".


"Academic Sanctions": Impact On Students




As a result of "academic sanctions", some students admit to struggling with their studies. As told by SaveTheStudent, 687 students affected by sanctions last year were "12.9% less likely to progress to the next year of their course or graduate." Also, they were "twice as likely to resit exams or repeat the year."



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