University of London Bans Sale of Burgers To Fight Global Warming

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Did you know, burger ban can actually help to fight global warming? As reported by BBC News, Goldsmiths, University of London, is taking out all beef products from sale. Also, from now on they're "charging a 10p levy on bottled water and single-use plastic cups." The educational institution also has a plan to install additional solar panels across its New Cross campus and switch to a 100% clean energy supplier. The Typical Student team learned more about the eco-initiatives of the University of London.


Eco-Friendly University



Credit: Goldsmiths

As told by the BBC News, the university has an annual carbon footprint of 3.7 million kg, so they're "hoping to become carbon neutral by 2025." Among other initiatives, the intention to increase the number of students studying climate change. According to scientists, beef production causes damage to the environment: "Cows produce more methane and require more land and water than other livestock."

Prof Frances Corner, the college's new head commented on the initiatives: "The growing global call for organizations to take seriously their responsibilities for halting climate change is impossible to ignore."


Greenpeace UK Approval Of The New Initiatives



Credit: Goldsmiths

Greenpeace UK takes the above initiatives quite positively. Rosie Rogers, of Greenpeace UK, commented: "It's encouraging to see an institution like Goldsmiths not simply declaring a climate emergency but acting on it.

"From energy use, to food sales and plastic pollution - all universities and organisations with campus sites can make changes across their facilities that are better for our planet."

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