University of Maryland Freshman Dies From Adenovirus Allegedly Caused by Dorm Mold

2 years ago



Dangerous Adenovirus allegedly caused by the dangerous mold in University of Maryland dorms has killed a freshman. As told by Fox News, the “students are growing increasingly concerned over the mold problems in their dorms” as they believe the virus may be the same that already killed 11 children in New Jersey. The Typical Student team learned more about the dangerous situation.


Freshman Dies Unexpectedly Due to Pneumonia Complications




According to the news outlets, Olivia Paregol, 18, who was in her freshman year, suddenly developed a cough, which later worsened to pneumonia. Fox News reports that she died on November 18 at Johns Hopkins Hospital, from adenovirus causing respiratory problems. The official statement issued by the University of Maryland, suggests “five more students have illnesses tied to the same rare virus.”


University of Maryland Students Sound The Alarm




It is said that students who used to live in the same dorm with Olivia, have repeatedly alerted university officials. Eventually, about 500 students have been moved to temporary housing while the school worked to sanitize the dorms. The father of the deceased student believes his daughter - who suffered from Crohn's disease and a weakened immune system - was impacted by a mold outbreak which led to her death.


The Typical Student team expresses our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Olivia Paregol.

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