University of Minnesota Student Files A Lawsuit Against Chinese Billionaire Richard Liu For Alleged Rape

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A number of news outlets have covered this shocking story, so the Typical Student team just couldn't stand aside. Allegedly, a student at the University of Minnesota, was raped by Richard Liu, the billionaire and founder of A lawsuit against Liu and his company was filed Tuesday. The lawsuit is alleging "he and other wealthy Chinese executives coerced her to drink during a dinner in the hours before she was attacked," according to TIME


Who Is The Victim?

The victim is Jingyao Liu, a student at the University of Minnesota. She claims Richard Liu "forced himself upon her in his vehicle after the dinner and later raped her at her apartment." The lawsuit seeks damages of over $50,000.


Who Is The Alleged Perpetrator?



The alleged perpetrator is Richard Liu, the founder of the website, an eCommerce based in Beijing. As told by TIME, Liu was arrested in Minneapolis on August, 31, on suspicion of felony rape. He was released in a few hours. It is reported, Liu will face no criminal charges as the case had “profound evidentiary problems.”




In other words, it's unlikely his guilt could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Liu released an official statement on Chinese social networks saying that "he broke no law, but that his interactions with the woman hurt his family, especially his wife, and he hoped she would accept his apology." 


What Happened?



Allegedly, the attack happened while Liu visited Minneapolis for a weeklong residency as part of the University of Minnesota’s doctor of business administration China program. Jingyao Liu was studying at the University of Minnesota on a student visa and was a volunteer in the doctorate program. The alleged victims of sexual assault are generally not named by The Associated Press without their consent. As for Jingyao Liu, she had given her consent to be named.

As told by TIME, on the night of the alleged attack, the student went to Origami, a Japanese restaurant in Minneapolis, accompanied by other executives. It is reported that Richard Liu had privately asked Charlie Yao, another executive in the program, to invite the student to the venue, the lawsuit said. According to the lawsuit, Jingyao Liu felt coerced to drink as the powerful men toasted her, with Richard Liu saying she would dishonor him if she did not join in. According to what the woman claims, Liu "pulled her into a limousine and made advances despite her protests." She was texting a friend: “I begged him don’t. But he didn’t listen.”

"Liu aide turned the limousine’s rear-view mirror upward so the chauffeur could not see Liu groping the student in the rear despite her protests. It says Liu forcibly raped her at her apartment, again over her protests and resistance," reports TIME.


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