University Of Texas-Austin To Provide Free Tuition To Low-Income Students In 2020

2 years ago



The University of Texas-Austin flagship campus is to cover full tuition for students with a family income of $65,000 or less beginning in fall 2020. The Typical Student team learned the details.


How Many Students Will Get Their Tuition Covered?



An estimated 8,600 students (about 24% of the undergraduate student body) will get their tuition and fees covered under the new program. At that, graduates and out-of-state students are not eligible for the program, but transfer students are.


On Tuesday afternoon, the unanimous vote decided to move $160 million from the state's Permanent University Fund and use it as the state endowment for the UT students. That’s a significant step forward keeping in mind that annual tuition and fees at UT for an in-state undergraduate student are $10,314. 


Texas Advance Commitment Program At UT-Austin 



It is expected that the move will support the UT-Austin's Texas Advance Commitment program started in 2018. This program is covering full tuition and fees for students that come from families with an annual income of up to $30,000. To date, that program has helped about 4,000 students. 


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