Cave, Jungle, And Other Unusual Places US Grads Live In To Escape Student Debts

2 years ago



This story is about US young people who were not able to deal with the debts. These ex-students fled the country to escape their giant student debts. Today, the Typical Student will share with 3 unusual stories.


#1 India Jungle


Chad Haag is 29 y.o. He considered living in a cave to escape his student debt. A bit latter Chad found a less risky plan. In 2018, the ex-student mover to India. He decided to live in the jungle! Now, Chad rents a house which costs $50 a month. His debt is more than 9,000 miles away.


#2 Ukraine

unusual-places-grads-live-in-to-escape-student-debts-2.jpgChad Albright was a student of Millersville University, in Pennsylvania. Now he’s 39 y.o. and he has $30,000 in student loans. That’s why Chad Albright moved to Ukraine. Today, he lives in Odessa. "I am much happier in Ukraine," he said, adding that he hasn't checked his student loan account in nearly eight years. "I lost faith in my country."


#3 China

unusual-places-grads-live-in-to-escape-student-debts-3.jpgKatrina Williams was a student at the University of Southern Alabama. To escape student debts, she moved to Chiba, Japan. Now the girl teaches English to students. "I love my work," she said.



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