Better Safe Than Sorry: US 8th Graders Got Bulletproof Backpack Plates as Graduation Gifts

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It goes without saying that graduation gifts are an inseparable part of the ceremony. The story of an Alabama graduate Corey Patrick literally broke the Internet. Feel free to read more on this in UNBELIEVABLE: Walking to School Got US Graduate an SUV and $11,000! However, this is not the limit to unusual gifts US students got for graduation this year.


This graduation gift could definitely be listed among the 3 Most RIDICULOUS Security Measures to Guard US Schools from Shootings, which might be its actual purpose. The reaction, however, wasn’t similar to This Backpack is Worth More than My Life: Students React to Clear Bags. The Typical Student team follows the story for you, so here’s the scoop.


Can SafeShield REALLY Protect School Kids?


According to USA Today, the whole graduating class at St. Cornelius in Chadds Ford middle school, Pennsylvania, was presented with bulletproof backpack plates. The 8th graders were outfitted with the SafeShield "ballistic shields" donated to them by Unequal Technologies. The local company created ultra-thin and lightweight bulletproof shields designed as a 10”-by-12” plates to insert into school backpacks.

According to the SafeShield inventors, the bulletproof pieces are extremely kid friendly. It’s easy to slip an item into a backpack to protect a child against the gunfire. According to the New York Times, the SafeShield cannot protect a child from the AR-15 gunfire, but has proved to stop handgun bullets and shotgun shells. One piece costs about $150 in retail.




The backpack plate works irrespective of whether it's inserted front or back first. In total, Unequal Technologies has donated 40 bulletproof pieces called SafeShield. 15 backpack plates went to students, other 25 were also gifted to the faculty members. The 8th graders were surprised to receive the bulletproof plates to say the least, but parents agreed the measure was necessary, despite appearing a bit extreme.  


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