US High School Student SURPRISED The Police Giving Them $10,000 He Found

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Needless to say, we all need money. Let’s imagine you’ve found some… In this case, would you return them to the owner? This story is about a very, very honest high school student. The young man found a purse with $10,000 inside and gave it to the local police. Can you believe it? Let’s view out more details the Typical Student team prepared!

Who Is This Student


Rhami Zeini is 16 y.o. That day, the student was driving home from Santa Barbara High School. He pointed a black purse that was just lying in the road. Opening it, Rhami saw a wad of cash. There were $10,000!

What Happened Next?


The student told parents about the purse and decided to take the case and the purse to the police officer. By the way, Rhami got $100 reward.

It was discussed by many online users.

"I would have given him more than $100 that's a lot of money she could have lost forever." said one user. Another person added: "What a cheapskate $100 really? I would have gave him $1,000 for returning it."


Here’s what Santa Barbara County Sheriff wrote on Facebook:

"In a world where we are bombarded with bad news, we are excited to share a positive story with you. On Wednesday, 16-year-old Rhami Zeini was driving home from school when he saw a purse in the roadway near Turnpike and Cathedral Oaks. When the Laguna Blanca High School junior looked inside the purse he saw a large amount of cash. He tried to find contact information with a phone number for the owner but could not. He got a hold of his parents and they drove to the Sheriff's Office and returned the purse with $10,000 dollars inside. Police were then able to track down the owner and return the lost purse to her. They said she was very grateful to get it back and thinks she lost it by leaving it on the roof of her car then drove off.


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