Sex Ed Works Pretty Well for Primary School Students and Here's the Proof

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Turns out, sex ed works pretty well for primary school students. At least that is proven by the Twitterverse! User @kimyoogyeom shared a bunch of hilarious screenshots proving it’s never too early for sexual education! The Typical Student team has told you How US Parents Protest Against Sexual Education in Schools: Burning Teen Vogue. This time it’s vice versa!


Primary School Kids Hilarious Reactions to Sex Ed Lesson


It's a fact, children can be pretty straightforward about everything, and sex is no exception. They just speak their minds and the honesty they’re doing it with has no boundaries. Yana's friend is an elementary school teacher who decided to type out the WEIRDEST questions asked by kids about sex. Once @kimyoogyeom took to Twitter to make a post, the thread instantly went viral.


Just take a look at the gems that deserve to become memes!


Source: @kimyoogyeom


Source: @kimyoogyeom

The concept of an “intercourse” seems to be different among kids, which is proven by their HILARIOUS questions:


"If you intercourse longer, is the baby born bigger?"

"I know that intercoursing takes 24 hours. My question is how do you stay awake?"


The smartest kids would put forth wise suggestions like:


"Wouldn't it be just as good if a boy had a baby for a change?"

"Isn't there some other way to have a baby?"


How Did Twitterverse React to Kids’ Questions About Sex?


Twitterverse's reactions were no less funny than the FAQs that started the topic. Just take a look at the comments left by grown people for goodness sake!



The question above generated the most memetic reactions: "When the PENISE is put into VIRGINIA, does it slide in quietly or click like a key in a lock?"

Looks like, this is the only thing to come to most people's minds.




Other users, however, just couldn't stay silent and went on stirring the pot: "There's no intercourse in West Virginia. Nobody can stay awake long enough."


kids-react-to-sex-ed-replies-01And the flood continued: "okay but where did they get the idea that intercourse takes a whole 24 hours ?? boys are lucky to last 2 minutes"



Some users asked why students' parents even tell their kids about "intercoursing": "But why are their parente telling them they are intercoursing? Ewww"




And then transferred to their own perception of female reproductive system: "Hey, that kind of looks like a reindeer!" 



Ah, the Twitterverse never upsets with its ability to make fun of literally ANYTHING!



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