Pucker Up: US Principal Kisses a Pig After Students Read 10.000 Books

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How often do adults actually keep the promises they’ve given to kids? Especially, if we’re talking about a school principal and the students. The principal of Woodbury's West End Memorial Elementary School, Vince Myers, has just broken the stereotype. On March 28, Myers kissed a pig to keep the promise given to students under one condition: they must read 10,000 during the school year.  

The lucky pig to be kissed by the principal was Rosebud, a black, 3-month-old KuneKune breed. Standing on stage in front of students, Myers landed a kiss on the pig’s snout, followed by the cheers and appreciative roars. One could think the principal has fallen the victim of a student prank Fear not, the pig kissing served the good cause!

The Lifehack on Reading Motivation

The idea of the pig kiss appeared last summer when Myers and the school teachers were planning the school year and setting the reading goals. They thought students could get some reading motivation for a chance to mock their principal in a good way. Myers is an adept of such interesting educational techniques. Previously, he's been taped to a wall and hit in the face with pies.

Principal Myers has confessed that when it comes to motivating students to have fun when learning he isn’t restricted by anything. He believes that for the sake of personalizing education, educators must “do whatever it takes to lift up students." Each time when the students reached a certain reading milestone by reading a certain number of books during the school year, there have been other rewards which included water ice.

How to Set Reading Milestones?

Vince Myers is a reader himself, so he reads to students on a monthly basis. He specifically likes reading the books on achieving goals and keeping promises. No wonder, one of the books chosen by the principal was "My Principal Promised to Kiss A Pig." Reaching the 10,000 mark is not the limit, West End Memorial students have already read about 12,800 books!

Myers has promised to arrange a “movie afternoon” for kids when they reach the milestone of 15,000 books read. The reading goals at West End Memorial are truly ambitious -  reading 20,000 books by the end of the year.

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