California Teacher Arrested After Punching The Student Who Called Him The N-Word (VIDEO INSIDE!)

3 years ago



This story happened at Maywood Academy High School, California, US. The local music teacher was arrested on suspicion of child abuse. He also was caught on video repeatedly punching a student. Today, the Typical Student team is about to provide you with more details!


Original Story

Marston Riley is 64 y.o. He used to work as a music teacher at California high school. However, today Riley is arrested because he was caught repeatedly punching a student who taunted him with racial slurs. The student just got bodily injury but the story went viral after one of his classmates filmed the video.


The Teacher’s Arrest

us-reacher-punching-student-video.jpgSo, other student filmed Marston Riley on a cellphone. This violent altercation happened at 1.30pm during the fifth period at Maywood Academy High School. It started when the teacher told the student to leave the class because he wasn't wearing a proper uniform. The fact the student refused is nothing comparing to his answer. The young man called his black teacher the n-word and threw a basketball at him.


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