US School Launched Food "Rescue" Program To Ensure Students Have Something To Eat On Weekend

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Pilot food program has just been launched in a school district in Indiana. The program aims to ensure that kids from disadvantaged backgrounds have enough to eat, even outside school. The Typical Student team learned more about the program. 


Food "Rescue" Program




Woodland Elementary, Elkhart, provides its students with a breakfast and lunch at school.  Still, it sometimes happens that kids don't have access to food when they're home on the weekends. The non-profit called "Cultivate" in cooperation with the school, "rescues" the unused food and "turns it into weekend meals for a small group of students." As told by Jim Conklin, "Cultivate" rescues the food that has never been served by catering companies or food businesses. He comments as follows: "We take that well-prepared prepared food combine it with other food and make individual frozen meals out of it."


How Many Students Take Part In The Program?

As told by WSBT, currently, 20 students who take part in the pilot food program get a backpack every Friday containing 8 individual frozen meals. The school system believes the Woodland Elementary program can be expanded to other schools in the future. According to Natalie Bickel, the school's student services supervisor, the school is "wasting a lot of food. " So, it's only natural there's an organization that's "going back to cultivate processing the food and coming right back to our students." See the video below to learn more about the food "rescue" program:



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