Creative Way US Schools Use Washing Machines To Prevent Student Absence

3 years ago



There’s to secret when it comes to absence, it’s hard to combat some students. That’s why, in 2019, schools become more and more original. Today, the Typical Student will tell you about the way they use washing machines for it.


Student Attendance Problem





Same to student loans, student attendance is a huge problem in today’s generation. So, is there any solution to improve it? To start with, the student attendance process should be as simple as all the other parts of your everyday routine.


When trying to combat student attendance, these creative schools decided to use… What do you think? A washing machine! The schools are in:

  • Kentucky,
  • Missouri,
  • New Jersey,
  • Colorado, and elsewhere across the country.

If it’s a choice between coming to school dirty, and have kids laugh at you or make fun of you, and staying home, they’ll stay home,” says Rebecca Nicolas, the principal at Fern Creek High School in Louisville, Ky.


How Does It Work?





To put it briefly, March 2019, Fern Creek High School opened a “Laundry and Loot” room. It was made for students to bring their clothes and wash them. Talking about low-income students, you can also pick up donated items such as socks and deodorant.


The statistic shows that now 1,750 students are eligible to participate. What is more, teachers and counselors are recruiting students to bring their laundry to school.


We’re just trying to remove as many barriers to school attendance as possible,” Dr. Nicolas said.

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