Alexus Arther MISSING Since August 22, 2018. US Student Is Believed to Have Run Off with Her Wrestling Coach

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Alexus Arther, 16, a junior at Franklin High School in Stockton, California, has been missing since August 22. The authorities believe she might have “run off with a coach” she has had a "romantic relationship" with. Alexus’ father, Ron Arther, made a public statement about his daughter’s disappearance saying: "This is a father's worst nightmare."

The Typical Student team's thoughts and prayers are with the Arthers family in hopes for Alexus' soonest return.

Missing or Runaway?

alexus-arther-missing-us-student-02PHOTO: Alexus, 16, a junior at Franklin High School in Stockton, California

According to news outlets, Alexus is believed to be with Phillip Maglaya, 25, a former volunteer wrestling coach at Franklin High School. The officials with the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office and the Stockton Unified School District claim she has been in a romantic relationship with her coach. The missing teen wrestled on the team freshman and sophomore year, according to her parents.


The last time Alexus was seen by her father was when he was leaving for work the night before she went MIA. At that, he said she seemed quite emotional when seeing him off to work.


"She comes and jumps on my back, and she's hugging me and she's like, 'I love you, Dad.’ I get up to walk out the door and she comes running over there and gives me a kiss and says, 'Dad, I love you!'... and I'm backing out of the driveway and she's just standing there waving."


Is the Coach to Blame?


Later that night, Alexus’ mother, Iris Arther, noticed “a milk crate style carton by her daughter's window.” She then ran into her daughter’s room to discover that her bed “had never been laid on.” Mrs. Arther found the note reading as follows:


'I love you Mom and Dad, very much, nothing that you guys did was your fault.'



PHOTO: An undated photo of 25-year-old Phillip Maglaya, who is believed to be with a missing teenage girl. (San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office)

Alexus’ father, Ron, browsed through her phone log and was surprised to find multiple calls to coach Maglaya. When the latter was asked whether he had seen Alexus, the coach said he talked to her the day before. Allegedly, she was consulting him on “dieting, nutrition, and workout programs."


Is Alexus Safe? Who’s Texting the Parents?


Parents also added that on the day Alexus went missing, she sent them an email saying she was safe and asking her parents not to worry for her as she would keep in touch. Later, on Tuesday, Alexus father got a text from Alexus reading: "Don't worry about me I'm safe I'm at a friends house. I'll talk to you guys again soon I love you, Mom and Dad."



PHOTO. The investigators believe the pair may be traveling in a 1994 green Toyota pickup truck.

The Arthers are worried sick since they are not sure if Alexus is the one who had sent the text message. Alexus’ parents are pleading for help. If you have any information about the Alexus Arther’s whereabouts, please call authorities at .

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