US Student On Probation For Sending Video Of Herself Giving Oral Sex

US Student, 16, On Probation For Sending Video Of Herself Giving Oral Sex To Friends

2 years ago



A US student, 16, identified as 'SK' due to being a minor might face charges for spreading child porn. The girl allegedly sent a video of herself having sex to her friends, Metro reports. The girl sent the video to two friends in October 2016.


The Original Story



The court documents claim that three friends, identified as SK, KS and AT, "regularly exchange “silly” videos and attempted to “outdo” one another." After a serious falling out, AT and KS showed the video to an officer at the Charles County Sheriff’s Office. However, SK is the one to face charges related to the video despite one of her friends allegedly shared the video while they were in school.  


Will Student Face A Sentence?



Claudia Cortese, SK’s lawyer, comments that the law meant to protect children is now being used to harm her client. SK has reportedly been put on probation and referred for a mental health evaluation. According to the prosecutor 'the state believes that the respondent is in need of some guidance, rehabilitation for something deeper (and) is just trying to help her.'

Metro reports that the teen "has not faced a mandatory sentence or the possibility of registering a sex offender." Assistant Attorney General Sarah Pritzlaff commented on the case as follows: ‘When you create a digital image, a depiction like this, it is a permanent record. These images are getting out. It’s not at all surprising in this case that there was a falling out among friends and this video got out and was all over school.’  The ruling on SK’s case is to be delivered by the Maryland Court of Appeals later this year.



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