US Student Dies After Drinking Vodka From Pig’s Head To Join Uni Society

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This sad story happened to US economics student who died after a "drink-fuelled initiation" in 2016. The death reasons included drinking vodka from a pig's head, which was a part of the university’s agriculture society ceremony. In this post, the Typical Student team will shed some light on the story of Ed Farmer.


Who Was The Student?




Ed Farmer was 20 y.o. He was a student at Newcastle University. The young man was taken to the hospital by his friends. He appeared to have shaven head after drinking large amounts of alcohol at the university social. It happened in December 2016.

Ed Farmer was the former pupil at £31,000-a-year Oakham School, Rutland. He died the following day surrounded by family. The investigation showed that the student was five times the drink driving limit when he died.


The Drink-Fuelled Initiation




This story took place when Ed Farmer joined a group of students for a bar crawl around the city center. There were over 30 people. The first year students were expected to complete the initiation. It included heads shaving before, crawling into a garage, and drinking vodka from a pig's head.

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