US Student Writes Essay Bewildered by Her Classmate Casually Charging His Juul (VIRAL ESSAY INSIDE)

3 years ago



It was only the second class of intro to fiction writing. A 19-year-old student of the University of Pittsburgh noticed that her new classmate charges the Juul openly. Why should it be unusual? Just because the girl wrote a real essay about it and get work unexpectedly became viral! In this post, the Typical Student team is going to introduce you this weird essay.





As we have already mentioned, the story is about a Pittsburgh University student. Her name is Abbey Farine. She’s 19 y.o. and she is the author of the booming essay.

Entering the class, (it was her second day of intro to fiction writing) Abbey saw her classmate she never met before. The student was charging his Juul on the laptop right in the class. His name is Caleb and for some reasons, Abbey was bewildered by the boy’s actions. The girl snuck some pics and posted them on Snapchat.




Why Abbey Wrote The Essay?



Soon the teacher came in to start the class. She asked students to  “pick one person in the classroom and write a fictional story” as a warm-up assignment. Needless to say, Abbey already knew the person she is going to pick. In the end, the student shared the essay on Twitter and it quickly became viral!


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