US Students Are Confused Because Of VIRAL Anti-Vaccination Topic

3 years ago



As you may already know, the recent anti-vaxxer’s topic makes more and more people confused. Today some sources say that vaccines cause Autism and someone even finds genius ways to prove the first ones are wrong. What’s going on? Today, the Typical Student team is going to shed some light!


What’s Going On?

us-students-are-confused-by-anti-vaccination-topic-3.jpgThere are loud debates happening about the new anti-vaccination topic. There’s a visible lack of substantial research tho. However, not every student believes that vaccines are as harmful as they would like us to think. The discussion is mostly about Autism and the way the modern vaccination can cause it. The activists use the number of autism diagnoses and the number of vaccines given to the U.S. children as proof to their argument.


The Opinion Of The Audience

us-students-are-confused-by-anti-vaccination-topic-8.jpgTo figure out, what students think about the debates, let’s check the screens below!


How do you like it?


us-students-are-confused-by-anti-vaccination-topic-7.jpgThat's how students discuss the topic online.





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