FACT OF THE DAY: US Students Can Get Thrilling Journey with The Museum of Tolerance

3 years ago



Located in LA, the Museum of Tolerance invites students to get a deep historical journey. It raises the issues of tolerance by recreating the atmosphere of past ages in a brilliant way. The Typical Student team would call the museum a real go-to place for students, scholars, and their parents as well.


What’s Inside the Museum of Tolerance?


MOT is located east of Beverly Hills and UCLA. It’s a real historical pearl, which contains a shocking collection of multiple artifacts. Visiting this place, you will literally feel the atmosphere of past. 

As expected, the exhibitions illustrate the history of Jewish people and take up the questions of tolerance. Still, there are not only old-fashioned problems displayed. Next to the Holocaust exhibit, a student can view out some present-day compositions such as social activism. The MOT exhibits are as follows:


  • Holocaust


Holocaust is the exhibit, which contains video, audio, and photo materials. They guide viewers through each and every part of the question. It looks like a labyrinth. 


Here, Holocaust is shown not as just a tragedy. It’s presented as the whole era phenomenon. At the end of the exhibit, there are recollections and artifacts from death camps.  The main task of the exhibit was to highlight the problem of anti-Semitism and its growth and to show how everything happened.

  • “Anne”


“Anne” is the exhibit dedicated to Anne Frank. Same to Holocaust, this one is called one of the most shining and realistic exhibits of MOT. Following Frank’s story, a viewer will see the stripes of Nazi camps and hear the records from Anne’s diary.


As you can see, any student, who wants to share acceptance and tolerance, should visit MOT. It doesn’t matter if you go there for a day or for an hour. Every minute is worth it!

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