Did You Know: US Students Can Now Relieve Stress In a ‘Сry Сloset’ and They Love It!

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Can’t hold your tears when reading a touching moment in a book? Now, students in the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, don’t have to be ashamed of their feelings! The university library has just been supplied with a designated ‘cry closet.’ The idea was brought into life by the visual artist Nemo Miller, studying in the College of Fine Arts.


The ‘cry closet’ installation has been designed to allow students a 10-minute time alone to cry in seclusion. Everyone is welcome to use the closet whether to cry over a book, or relieve examination stress. Mind, the closet comes with rules to use it right.


  1. Knock before entering (that one makes sense, especially when someone is crying!)
  2. Only one person at a time is allowed in the closet.
  3. The ‘cry closet’ time is limited to 10 minutes only.
  4. The lights must be turned off for the next person.
  5. All social media posts related to the closet must bear the hashtag #cryclosetuofu.

‘Cry Closet’ Twitter Reaction Is Precious!


Buzzfeed reports that the University of Utah installed the ‘cry closet’ in its library on April 22, and it will be up through the rest of the month. The closet bears a sign that reads: "This space is meant to provide a place for students studying for finals to take a short 10-minute break."


The closet isn’t empty, it’s filled with stuffed animals, so that the crying time wouldn’t feel THAT lonely. Students on Twitter loved the idea of a ‘cry closet,’ some even thought of alternative ways of using it. Some users posted how they would use the closet for less wholesome purposes.





Would you like some time alone in a ‘cry closet’? Do you think it’s a good idea?


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