According To Wisconsin Survey, ⅓ Of US Students Don’t Eat Well

3 years ago



Looks like there’s a new problem happening across US college campuses. According to Wisconsin students, almost 40% of them don't have enough healthy food to eat. What’s more, the college students community said it's an issue for them too. Let the Typical Student team share with you more details!


Wisconsin Hope Lab




So, winter 2018, Wisconsin Hope Lab reported that in this year there are 36 percent of university students who don’t eat well. According to Steven Ansorge, the president of Madison College’s student senate, he had never experienced this problem until college. He was “working the third shift and trying to pay for rent, a car, and books, the one flexible part of his budget was food so he said he lived off rice, ramen, and oatmeal.”

That’s why Steven and other students are working to find the solution.


Fall Survey




Autumn 2017, Madison College students took a survey. It found out that 1/3 of students are food insecure. Young people simply don't have enough money to get money for healthy food in particular. As soon as it appeared, the college hosted a food resource fair with organizations, including Second Harvest.

"A lot of students, they could be coming from a really far distance. Who knows what their actual circumstances are. They could be taking care of a child, we have a lot of nontraditional students. They could be holding down two jobs just to make ends meet,” said Ansorge.


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