That’s How US Student’s Essay Sent Her Rapist To Jail

2 years ago



Another terrifying story happened to a high school student. She wrote an essay about overcoming obstacles in her life, which sent 43-year-old to jail. As it was stated in the assignment, the female student was raped. Let the Typical Student team tell you the whole story!


The Original Story

us-students-essay-sent-rapist-to-jail-2.jpgSo, it took place in one of the Sandusky County schools, Ohio, Us. The high school student from Vanguard Tech wrote the assignment about things that change her life and it appeared that the girl faces sexual harassment. After this, the police was called. Local detectives started the investigation.

“She had disclosed that she had been sexually abused as a child,” said sheriff Det. Sgt. Kenneth Arp.


Who Did It?

us-students-essay-sent-rapist-to-jail-1.jpgThe investigation led police to  43-year-old Anthony Knight. He confessed in raping the student and her sisters years ago. The youngest was 7 when it happened.

“This happened years ago,” officials said.

Now, Knight is going to spend 20 years in prison.

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