US Students Given 'Adult Lessons' To Learn How To Deal With Life After School

3 years ago



Are students ready for adult life after graduation? Well, educators in US believe, students need some extra education as far as 'adult life' is concerned. The Typical Student team learned what 'adult classes' are all about.  


'Adult Classes' Curriculum



Bullitt Central High School in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, teaches students some basic skills they might need in 'adult life.' The curriculum includes as follows:

  • changing tires;
  • cooking low budget meals (this is a CRUCIAL skill when going to university); 
  • creating a good résumé;
  • finance management.

If you think educating kids about all of the above is stupid, you're wrong. Adults get exposed to these things on a daily basis, and inability to cook a simple meal could really spoil one's life. 


How Many 'Adult Classes' Can Each Student Choose? 




In total, Bullitt Central High School students have had 11 classes to select from. Every student was allowed to pick three. According to LadBible, that 'seems a bit silly' as teaching kids all 11 subject matters would definitely cover all the topics needed for a successful 'adult life.' As for the financial topics, students learned the key differences in bank accounts and credit rating management.  

One of the classes held by the Shepherdsville Police Department specifically covers what to do if you get pulled over by a cop 'to ensure the speediest interaction.' This may be a stressful experience for someone who has been pulled over by a cop for the first time in their life. 


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