US Students HORRIFIED by Small Bear Walking Around Montana State University Campus

3 years ago



September 2018, the students on the Montana State University were warned about the bear. The animal was seen on the campus nearly 11 p.m. Sunday night. What a charming beginning of a working week! Let the Typical Student tell you more about it.

What actually happened?


A small black bear was seen on the campus of the Montana State University. It happened near Yellowstone Hall. As soon as the animal was noticed, local police sent out an alert. 

It’s hard to say who needed this safety precaution more: the students of the bear, which could have met them after Freshers’ week. Fortunately, nobody was injured while spotting the bear. As a result, the animal just made the way on campus on its own.

Were There Any Other Cases?


Locals say that it was not the first case when wild animals wander around on the campus of the Montana State University.

When it does happen, we try to let the animals do their own thing unless they become a nuisance,  then we will work with our partners at the FWP to help take care of those animals and help relocate them to a safer space,” MSU News Service Director Mike Becker says.

He also added that having the alerts is important for such incidents, as they can reach about 22,000 people.


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