Here’s One More Proof of How AMAZING Teachers Can Be: The Story of Tammy Waddell

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Here’s one more proof of how AMAZING teachers can be! Tammy Waddell, a teacher of 30 years worked as a paraprofessional and educator in Forsyth, Georgia. Sadly, Ms. Waddell had cancer and passed away on June 9. There is no obituary capable of conveying what a great teacher she was. Ms. Waddell believed that every child deserves an opportunity to learn, so she made a posthumous gift to the kids deprived of this opportunity.




Tammy’s final request is what made her the talk of the town. She asked people invited to her funeral to bring backpacks filled with school supplies, not flowers! Ms. Waddell’s cousin, Dr. Brad Johnson, took to Twitter to tell the world about her professional dedication. Reddit users upvoted the image of the funeral hall strewn with school backpacks almost 100K times!




Ms. Waddell’s cousin said that a few weeks before Tammy died, she had made such an unusual final request. About 100 fellow educators were honorary pallbearers at her funeral. After the ceremony, they took the backpacks out and formed a line to the hearse.


The online funeral home guestbook is filled with heartwarming comments of Tammy’s friends and former students. One can come across comments like "She was the best teacher ever," "I'm going to miss you so much!"

Indeed, that's what it means being a teacher till the very end!

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