Texas Teacher Fired For Tweeting Trump A Request To Deport Undocumented Students

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CNN has just reported about this high school teacher from Texas who believed "she was private messaging anti-immigration tweets to President Donald Trump" and was fired for asking the President to deport undocumented students. The Typical Student team learned the details. 


Teacher's Tweets




In a series of tweets dated May 17 Georgia Clark said: "[Fort Worth] ISD is loaded with illegal students from Mexico." She then continued: "I really do need a contact here in FW who should be actively investigating & removing illegals that are in the public school system." CNN reports that Clark has worked a high school English teacher in the Fort Worth Independent School District since 1998. Following Clark's astounding tweets, a number of community members in the school board voted unanimously to terminate her contract in a meeting on Tuesday night. Clark deleted her Twitter profile on May 22, but the journalists managed to screenshot her tweets.


When Students Tune In




According to the Texas state law, the educator has 15 days to appeal the decision with the state Education Agency. Before the appeal process plays out, "she technically will stay an employee and collect a paycheck." Still, controversial tweets aren't the only reason for Clark being fired as other allegations have emerged. Students came forward to report she made racist statements in class the same day that she posted the tweets. The official statement students anonymously submitted to school officials claims Clark said after a lesson that "Mexicans should not enter the United States illegally." CNN reports that "when a student asked to go to the bathroom afterward, Clark allegedly said, "show me your papers that are saying you are legal."

Clark denies the allegations made in the memo as she claims she had never made "any statement on anyone's immigration status and said the student didn't have a "planner" needed to leave the classroom." 


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