US Teacher Goes Viral Translating Metal Concert to Deaf People (VIDEO)

3 years ago



ASL (American Sign Language) was called the 3rd popular language students want to study. Although it’s already in use, Lumberton teacher goes dipper. She goes viral on Facebook after signing for the metal concert. The video of US teacher got over 6 million views and today the Typical Student team is going to show you that viral content can be helpful.


What Are These Performances Made For?


First off, bringing music to deaf people is what Lindsay Rothschild-Cross does. The performance of Lumberton ASL teacher is made to demonstrate every sound, scream, solo or syllable. Thanks to the girl, deaf concertgoers can feel the event.


When Did Lindsay Become Viral?

Summer 2018, Lindsay became viral after her emotional performance for Lamb of God concert. The result of teacher’s work got over 6 million views very fast. Watch this video to see the way Lindsay works.


How Lindsay Prepares Her Performances?


Well, this 29-year old US teacher doesn’t just show up when the concert starts. Before it, Lindsay researches the bands, singers, and musicians for weeks. Lumberton teacher wants to know the background of each song and see its context. It goes not only for lyrics but the music itself as well.


What Lindsay Does When There’s No Set List Published?


Even when the artist or band doesn’t want to publish the set list, Lindsay doesn’t give up. She makes another research to understand which songs they will probably play. She works on all of them to find the materials for an upcoming concert.


Also, Lindsay says that she pays special attention to such topics as drugs, mental health, and addiction. She studies lyrics and researches supporting materials to understand any feelings and emotional motifs.

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