US Teacher Who Used Meme Stickers to Grade Students’ Papers Goes Viral

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What if your school papers were graded not with marks as usual, but with meme stickers? Only a genius could come up with an idea like this, and actually one teacher did! Previously, the Typical Student team told you that students in The University of Georgia are allowed to choose their grades to avoid stress.


Grading Papers With Memesteacher-uses-stickers-instead-grades-04

Source: BuzzFeed News


Meet Ainee Fatima, an English teacher in one of Chicago high schools. Apparently, she got tired of grading papers the usual way, so she came up with a better idea. Fatima comments on this ‘brilliance struck’: “I was just grading and I was really frustrated, and in my head I was just like, I wish my kids could see my face my right now, because the answers they were writing were just incredibly wrong. So I was like, let’s print out some memes.”


How Did Fatima’s Students React to Meme Grading?



Source: BuzzFeed News


The meme grading stickers instantly became the next big thing on Twitter as soon as Fatima tweeted about them! Students absolutely loved this change. Fatima says: “They love memes — they try to bring them up in class any way they can.”



Apparently, some students even got upset when they didn’t get stickers on their papers. Make no mistake, the students got regular marks, too. But putting meme stickers for sure made the whole process a lot funnier!



Source: BuzzFeed News

While students have been sharing hilarious tweets, Fatima took a moment to teach them about virality a bit. It’s so cool that a young teacher like Ainee Fatima educates her students while still being relatable. Fatima’s students are seniors, and many of them work long hours outside of class to earn their families’ living.


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