NEVER Turn Your Back on the Tiger and Here’s Why, CREEPY Video Inside!

3 years ago



Mike the Tiger has been the live mascot of Louisiana State University's football team since 1936. Previously, the Typical Student team told you about 10 MOST Adorable Live Animal Mascots of USA College Football. Mike is a Bengal tiger living on the LSU campus, so visitors often get to see this majestic wild animal on university grounds. After a viral video posted on Facebook last Sunday (June 17), Mike got people talking.

The video shows Mike stalking some unsuspecting LSU campus visitors outside his glass enclosure while they turned their backs on him. In the video, Mike is staring at one of the onlookers prior to pouncing against the glass. And that looks CREEPY!

UGH! Just imagine if there weren't any glass separating Mike from the visitors! That could definitely end up in a tragedy. The tiger was also swimming near other visitors who turned their backs on him, and hitting the glass with his massive paws to make them pay attention to him. Kevin Felder Jr. posted the video on Facebook and it was viewed over 980,000 views and got 27,000+ shares by this time. 

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