ATTENTION: Vulnerable Teen Went MIA August, 1 in Camden, UK

3 years ago



In 2017, there were more than 300,000 people called missing in UK. At the same time, nearly ⅔ of them went missing intentionally. As you can see, the situation is scaring, so the Typical Student team can’t stay aside.


Why People Go Missing in UK?


Statistics show there are hundreds of thousands of people go missing in UK every year! Although many of them are found safe, the numerals are still terrifying.


"Going missing is a symptom that something's wrong," says Sherri McAra, manager of the National Crime Agency children's team.


The reasons why students and scholars in UK continue disappearing are quite complex. There are family arguments and different serious social problems like abuse or harassment. Both emotional and physical.


The Disappearance of Hamed Hasan


Hamed Hasan is 15 y.o. He is a vulnerable teen from Camden, UK. The boy went missing on August 1, 2018. Please notice that Hamed is a special child, who may require your help.


In case you have any information about the missing UK teen Hamed Hasan, please call 999 ASAP! 

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