Walmart To Offer High School Students In Employmet Free SAT Prep And College Tuition Coverage

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The big announcement from Walmart just arrived! Turns out, one of the world's biggest retailers is "struggling to find talent in a tight jobs market." So, Walmart decided to look among high school students with a promise to cover the SAT prep and college tuition. The Typical Student team learned more about the program. 


Walmart Program For High School Students




Tuesday, Walmart announced its intention to expand the "$1 a day college benefit to its current high school students and future high schoolers who work at the company", as reported by CNN. Here's more of what's offered by Walmart:

  • up to seven hours of free college credit to high school students;
  • SAT and ACT prep coverage through a partner network;
  • subsidizing the cost of students' tuition, books, and fees at six non-profit colleges;
  • students working at Walmart will be eligible for different types of bachelor's and associate degrees (computer technology, business management, supply chain management, etc).


Main Reason Why Walmart Hires High School Students




According to the official statistic, Walmart has over 1.5 million workers in the US, a little less than 25,000 of them are in high school today. By offering a free SAT prep, credit for college courses and $1 a day tuition, one of the biggest America's retailers hopes to attract high school students. Working at Walmart will be just perfect for students due to the flexible scheduling and the option of working steady shifts.

It's a known fact that over 300 out of 4,700 Walmart's store managers in the US started off as hourly workers during high school. According to Walmart (WMT), over 7,500 employees of different ages have been accepted into the program. As reported by CNN, Walmart projects that more than 60,000 students will go through the program in the next four years.

Not only Walmart but also other companies are providing educational benefits to attract workers. McDonald's and different hotel chains are rolling out tuition benefit programs. CNN reports that last year, McDonald's started offering $2,500 to eligible restaurant employees and $3,000 to managers in annual tuition assistance. 



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