Water Bottle Challenge: Viral Instagram Hack Doesn’t Work The Way It Should

2 years ago



Like all the recent beauty challenges, this one looks a bit insane. However, you know that these trends are always kinds crazy, so let the Typical Student team share with you the viral water bottle challenge. It’s really popular on Instagram now!


What Is Water Bottle Challenge?

To make a long story short, the challenge is meant to curl your hair. They call it a creative hack to getting Instagram-worthy waves. All you need is a hair dryer and a water bottle. Then simply cut a hole in the side of an empty water bottle. Making sure it’s big enough to fit the nozzle of your hairdryer. Now, you should coax your hair through the top just like on the video below.


Why New Instagram Trend Proved To Be Useless?

Although the original video shows beautiful results, many users find the new  Insta trend useless. There are multiple feedbacks showing that your curls disappear soon after you take the bottle away. Have you tried this water bottle beauty hack?

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