Kama Sutra Cologne, Toilet Brush Set & Other WEIRD End-of-Year Gift Students Have Given Their Teachers

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Another academic year is long gone, but teachers can't help reminiscing about the good old days. Students, in their turn, draw a line under everything that happened during the year. Indeed, it’s nice to look back and see how much you improved during the term. And of course this growth and improvement of your skills and knowledge happened thanks to your teachers.

Some students would like to thank their teachers for their effort and congratulate them on the end of the year. While most students present their teachers with really nice gifts, others ABSOLUTELY blow their teachers’ minds with their freakingly weird presents. The Typical Student team put together a list of 11 WEIRDEST teachers’ end-of-term gifts, and you will be VERY surprised!

#1 'World’s Best Lover' mug 



Dollar store mugs are casual teachers’ end-of-year gifts, but this one is not as simple as it seems. The 'World’s Best Lover' label on this gift makes it more than just an extraordinary one.

#2 Bikini wax gift card


This is just super weird, but maybe that was the very thing that particular teacher wanted as a gift. At least, it’s not a 101st mug and this card will probably come in handy.

#3 Toilet brush set


Yeah, teachers do have toilets and certainly they have to clean their toilets somehow, so this present is for sure practical. However, a couple of bottles of toilet cleaner would make this end-of-term present even better.

#4 Kama Sutra cologne with a naked girl on the label

weirdest-end-of-year-teacher-gifts-02This is not as weird as a bikini wax gift card, but still. We believe, there are teachers who will definitely laugh out loud at this kind of a joke. But not everyone. 

#5 Sexy underwear


Another vulgar teacher’s end-of-term present. But how did they guess their teacher’s size?

#6 A grapefruit and appetite suppressants 


#7 Cellulite cream


Well, this teacher’s end-of-term gift is offensive as well as appetite suppressants, but cellulite creams are freaking expensive. So at least it’s a useful and pricy present.

#8 Teacher's nude portrait (Photoshopped, of course!)


Okay, this might be a good reason to call the police because a nude portrait including literally everything is super weird.

#9 Victoria’s Secret gift card that said “Sexy Little You”


Well, Victoria’s Secret is quite an expensive band, but their lingerie is so beautiful. So despite the fact that this present is weird it’s definitely a pretty good one!

#10 Used candles


A candle is not a weird gift, it’s rather a cheap and stupid one.  Nevertheless, used candles is not the best choice for the end-of-year gift.

#11 A t-shirt with the teacher’s photo on it

weirdest-end-of-year-teacher-gifts-06Wearing a t-shirt with your own face on it is super strange, but in general, this t-shirt is not a terrible present. It’s odd but at the same time nice and definitely better than used candles.

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