What Do You Know about Sexual Violence at SA Universities? Story to Think Of

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August 2018, SA student commits suicide 2 months after having experienced sexual violence. She was only 23! Obviously, the Typical Student team can’t miss this tragic story. Let’s figure out what happened to Khensani Maseko.


What Happened to SA Student?



Same to China, South Africa girls have a scaringly huge problem called sexual harassment. Another victim of violence became Khensani Maseko. This 23-year-old student from SA said she was raped spring 2018. Her story renewed anger over sexual violence against women in the country.


Which University Did She Attend?




Khensani was the student at the Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa. In accordance with the university statement, Khensani was raped by another student from her university. It happened in May 2018.


August 2018, Khensani made a new post on Instagram. It contained a pic with 2 dates: student’s b-day and the day she made the publication - August, 3.


Cryptic Picture on Instagram



Under the picture, the girl wrote: “No one deserves to be raped."

Soon the post disappeared and Maseko's account was deleted. Rhodes University confirmed her cryptic message. Khensani killed herself. Officials also said that the University met Khensani’s family after the May accident. During the meeting, it was agreed that the student should back home and have rest within the investigation.


Today police still don’t resale the name of the suspect. The University says the man accused of the rape was suspended.


"The tragic passing of Khensani will not mark an end to the investigation into the circumstances leading up to her passing," Rhodes University Vice-Chancellor Dr. Sizwe Mabizela said.

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