Here’s What Happens When White Professor Calls Police On A Black Student

3 years ago



Today the Typical Student team has another viral video. This story happened at the University of Texas at San Antonio, US. One of the local students was approached by police during biology class. It was just after someone called 911 over innocuous behavior. In fact, the student’s professor appeared to be the one who called 911. Other students captured it on video and it went viral.


Original Story

So, Anita Moss is a professor at the University of Texas. The called for campus police after the black student (who is currently unnamed) put her feet up on a chair. The reason:  innocuous behavior. The student was just sitting in a biology class when officers came in. Actually, in 2018, 911 calls on black students are widely criticized.



white-professor-calls-police-on-black-studentHere is what Apurva Rawal, the student who shared viral video, says:

“So this happened today in class, a girl had her feet up and the professor called the police after calling our class uncivil. This professor stopped class entirely and stepped out to call the police just because one student had her feet up on a seat in front of her. Mind you she wasn’t talking or interrupting lecture.”


Officials say that there are 2  investigations launched. And the faculty member has been removed from the class for the rest of the semester.

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